Beat Box Dance Academy is a performing arts based program intended to provide schools and/or other youth-oriented institutions with a standards based, hip-hop dance curriculum. On a state and national level, performing arts programs and physical education courses are being reduced in schools to focus on meeting state education standards. With the reduction of physical activity programs in school, children are not meeting the recommended amounts of daily physical activity and obesity levels continue to rise at an alarming rate. There is also momentous importance placed on American youth to display 21st century skills, knowledge, work habits, and character traits believed to be necessary to succeed in the 21st century for college professors, employers, and educators.

Beat Box Dance Academy fulfills the need for youth to receive recommended amounts of physical activity and acquire 21st century skills by providing dance education courses during or after school. The curriculum administered to students was meticulously developed to challenge students to be creative and critical thinkers while incorporating moderate-to-vigorous activity. Students who complete the course will acquire a working vocabulary of basic hip-hop dance moves, understand the historical and contemporary relevance of hip-hop as a sub-culture, develop a repertoire of movement, and be able to apply processes to other forms of disciplines.

The services provided during the program supplement many in-school, educational objectives and can be transferred over to other disciplines. BBDA endeavors to provide youth institutions and organizations with a lexicon specific to hip-hop dance. BBDA only employs instructors with professional dance/teaching experience and have completed the required training necessary to instruct BBDA curriculum. The contracted model of the company makes it desirable for organizations that do not have time to develop, and hire and manage personnel, and provide additional physical activity opportunities.