Though arts education continues to decrease across the nation at an alarming rate, there has been a growing amount of research that advocates the necessity of performing arts in our children’s education. Beat Box Academy endeavors to support the arts in schools by providing programs based on the below research findings:

“A growing body of evidence suggests that arts learning and arts integration help develop key cognitive skills needed for academic success, as well as promote the social and emotional strengths that lead to academic achievement and positive behaviors and relationships”. – National Assembly of State Arts Agencies

The arts play a critical role in quality education. Research shows that arts education:
fosters creativity and innovative thinking.
helps students communicate a variety of messages.
improves student achievement in other disciplines.
advances problem-solving and cognitive skills.
enhances cultural understanding.
increases attendance and graduation rates. – The Kennedy Center

In a global economy that is driven by knowledge and ideas, arts education belongs at the forefront.
• Creative industries are growing rapidly in number and playing a powerful economic and social
• The best paying jobs require workers with creativity and higher order thinking and
• American businesses follow the creative workforce when seeking locations.
• Nations that have been focusing on increasing their ranks of scientists and engineers are now
seeking ways for schools to foster greater innovation and creativity.

– National Assembly of State Arts Agencies